Bug or feature again?


if assault says stage type is humans, how there is walkers then? purposely giving us false information? and when you fix those leader and weapon bonuses?


I assume you’re talking about Faction Assault? Faction Assault stage information shows the current phase/wave you’re entering into combat against, so for the stages where there’s just walkers and humans, assume that some waves will be walkers while some waves will be human, even though those stages could end up being all walkers or all humans, I believe.


I bet multiple players attacked at the same time. So when you were about to enter, someone finished the human stage and you ended up in the walker stage. We had that happen a couple of times aswell.

You really need to make sure that there is only one attacking at a time.


so every wave can be different? thats ok, but we didnt get info of that like sr gives… there is bouth icons walkers and humas… assault dont have it, so if enter when one icon is sho you will be by own luck what comes next? thats smart thinking from $copely… in game that need some kind strategy! way to go!


would be same if you just hide all info of enemies in all worldmaps etc… why we should know before entering stage what there will come against… remember players first… NOT!


Well the other stages (sub-boss and Negan stage) show information pertaining to the specific phase you’re entering in to, so it’s consistent with that. I don’t think it’s a big deal to assume subsequent waves of a walker/human stage could have either human or walker enemies of any trait.