Bug on territory

Not sure if anyone knows one knows or not, but their is a bug on territory. It’s been happening for months, oh Nvm, years now. Heellp

months or years
random crashes
random kicking our of terrotories


Scopleys logic, if it’s broke, don’t fix it.

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Gotta love the one where I’m defending attacks and have 2-3 full health teams in, and it just kicks me out and gives it away or let’s the rest of the region keep fighting over it…

Has happened 3 times during the special territory events lately…

Just one of…14, no, 23…no wait…54 bugs…? i lost count…

Scopely is getting better at making bugs everyday. We had the territory and it was under attack. They were attacking and we were refreshing our defence teams at the territory. Defence was 40k and the next second boom territory is gone. Then several hours later I noticed 2 of my defence teams weren’t even exhausted. One of my faction mate had 3 teams which weren’t exhausted after they got territory from us.

@GR.Scopely instead of answering or solving the bug you are just moving my post to somewhere else. You are just bullshit scopely

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