Bug on Survival road tournament

A mate of my faction spent 4 cans and then saw this

Now he can’t Win because the others earn 1200 per lvl

Looks like silver stage 24, correct rewards.


If he’s repeating the stage, he’s not going to get the first time completion bonus.

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Have you people done legendary before? I’ve never seen but if true he got screwed no doubt if it is truly legendary. If not he screwed himself dont be dumb next time.

Well I was wrong did silver and got same rewards he got so I’m filing this under bonehead move or troll post.


did you got the same amount of XP? 10k on Silver?

Yes I figured it would be less it wasnt…

I’m obviously stupid or blind. What’s the problem?

I am thinking they think that because he reran a stage that he should get the same survival points, but you dont & never did. This is not a bug.

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