Bug: Maggie (yellow command) reviving team mate with her rush

I am sure it can’t be, at least I doubt about what I see the first times it happens, but I am sure that command maggie(legendary one) is reviving a teammate with her rush.
Did anyone have the same issue?
Sorry for my English.

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Yes, I have the same thing.


Yup just now in a raid… no revive toons or weapons… good ol mags went rogue and revived

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Didn’t they develop it over 6-8 months…

Well we all know how good Scopely does their quality checks before they push stuff out

I hope she stays this way. This is almost Eric/Rick/Douglas level Legacy right now.

Might aswell let her keep the revive and add it on might make me ascend her

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And now another bug… And with this we have… Pfff.
Green Roadie, the one that burns 1000 per turn with her special slot in her weapon, do it but with 2 characters at the same time, so in first turn you have 2 people of your teamwith 1000 burn damage at the start.
I have seen it 3 times in a row while doing onslaught.

i tried mine. she doesnt revive.

Maybe it is just for the defensive team and not in attack

This happened to me. it was like a bruh moment lol

And of course you had to report this on forum… :man_facepalming:t2:

Using the right Maggie? It’s the command one, not the other one.

It also might be cause you don’t have the beta update yet.

The old yellow command Maggie used to be a reviver but I haven’t seen this new legacy Maggie do it.

i updated the game but im not on beta. she doesnt revive in my game.

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