Bug in the league system

So, after the previous strech or what ended, and the new one started I stuck in some kind of middle phase. Where I was promoted to a higher league, but i can not access to the higher league (Bronze 1 - 2). I can not see, that is there anybody else in that league, or what is the reward, that topic is completly empty, same as faction league.
Anyone else encountered this?

Because no one is lazy enough to end up in bronze lol

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What are you talking about? I started over the game, and this was my first strech. Where I am supposed to start, at plat?

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There was a bug on Friday night where the league stretch appeared to have ended early. You should be straightened out when the league stretch actually ends in about 12 hours. If not, open a ticket with support and they’ll get you straightened out.


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