Bug in roadmaps

In the roadmaps, sometimes (happened 6 times today) the last walker on a stage is killed and the inventory backpack at the bottom flickers and the stage is stuck there. You cannot do anything but flee the matchup. I reported it. They didn’t offer me world cans to make up for the fact that this happened on weapon part roadmaps (nothing like losing 21 and 24 energy on a stage that you can easily win).

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It always seems to be that bottom walker that is causing the glitch

If you’re lucky, they might fix it. Wait, promo char. probably double the buff when ‘fixed’ :man_shrugging:

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Thank you.

I didn’t realize that this is a known issue that they are ignoring.

The issue seems to be involving a faulty interaction with Morgan rather than Roadmaps as a whole.

We have gathered related videos and player details impacted by it at the end of last week and are currently investigating.

Thanks for your patience while we work on solving the issue.

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Another copy and paste response from JB bot. Thanks for nothing

Happened to me a couple of times in last SR tourney. Must be the Morgan having an extra coffee time…

i like how you get a reply on crappy bug posts but the major issues with hundreds of people asking for a reponse on get ignored hoping they will go away

See also here:

Still waiting for them to fix that bug where you use AR and your toon gets the size of the phone screen {bug splatter since 2016}

Keep surviving :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Cosmetic bugs don’t bother me… losing a roadmap because of a toons AR is unacceptable

Why don’t you globally pin this sort of thing, so the info is readily available to everyone?

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Because then the forum would have 50 pins going at once regarding each issue. They don’t want to admit how bugged their game is.


Funny how this isn’t fixed as quickly as Andrea… Weird


Too true.

You’d think after the 5th or so new thread about the topic, there could be a formal acknowledgement of a known issue. But nah… Scope gun Scope.

They could have a thread that lists all known bugs and weekly update it with whether there is a fix, when it’s coming, what’s being addressed. You know, transparency and accountability. But then it would just lead to them getting blasted for not actually addressing most of the real bugs.

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Morgan is an old promo and won’t have one again till mid 2019, so he’s of their least concern until then

We talking about Scopely here?

You realize he’s on promo right now don’t you? He is in the bag with Waylon… U get Waylon and lost energy bug in one bag :joy:

And that is the reason why they SHOULD be transparent… They are promoting a bugged toon. Michonegate all over again…

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