Bug in raid (Title IS 15 characters)

I just faced a team consists of:
Erica leader
Blue Garret
Sandy revival
Hunter revival

I killed Koa and Erica. Hunter is stunned and Sandy confused. Out of nowhere Erica is back to life and revives Koa.

How can this happen? Please fix your game. I faced such problems 3-4 times and its very annoying.
Confused characters use their AP
Maim is healed after revival. (Idk if this suppose to happen).

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They most likely had a mod that allowed them to attack while, stunned, taunted, confused etc… so there is that possibility

Only thing I can think of is focus, however I don’t believe any of that team have focus active or on rush. Did you see the stun/confuse icon before you attacked? It’s possible that one or the other had a resist mod and the stun/confuse didn’t affect them.

That moment when you post a correct, and informative response, and still get fl_gged because no one likes you.


No such thing exists…


There is no mod that does this. There are mods that resist such status effects and there are mods that either boost defense or attack under certain status effects

I never said it was a legal mod, just that it may have been posxible said individual had acquired such a mod. Most likely a bug or visual glitch, hell ive had toons get revived after being decapped, just laugh and move on is all i do.

I’m 100% sure they were stuned and confused i saw the icons cause it was tricky team for me.
Also my second thought was: Didn’t i just killed Erica? I spent a few seconds to realize what happened and think again what did i checked before that. So here is my steps after killing Koa:
Erica is very low health (138 HP i think) and i have only 1 hit to do with my Green Carl (he has extra dmg to alerts).
I double check that Hunter is stuned and Sandy confused (wait to actually see the icons)
I’m ok with this and i do my final hit to Erica. Watching her die with 320++ dmg. That was my last hit.
After that she revives Koa and i stay frozen. :cold_face:

Also with confused characters that they use their AP. Happened twice with me in auto mode and i thought i was wrong. Sometimes in auto mode there are visual bugs but the fight is normal.
I red once more here from another player having the same problem but maybe it was a visual bug too.

However in this fight i was in manual mode and checking every detail.

Those will only increase the damage while under effect

I can’t event begin to formulate an argument about this. Literally still the least possible outvome out of all suggested

Do you mean resist mods?

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