Bug in newest update


I just updated the game, did the 3rd mission of the exp 2nd part roadmap and once I completed it it put me in a loop of the 4th wherein I could not exit it. I had to close and restart the game. @kalishane


Same here in the gear map. I got the gear but I can’t move on.


Ugh got me too…lol

Again Again!!!


Same here with the Ultimate Gear map. Only way to stop it is to exit the game and reopen.


Happening on my kindle fire since forced update. I can’t seem to restart the app either so I’m stuck in the loop making the game currently unplayable until this gets fixed. Please help @kalishane


@kalishane - I’m now locked out the game entirely due to this bug on one device and now the update being unavailable on all my other devices.

Has teh forced update been pulled?


Its every roadmap level for me. Has happend since I updated to version 11.1 @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


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