Bug in mercer bonus hp rush?

So, when he rush, his bonus hp only applied on the same ally over and over, even that ally already have max bonus hp while the other dont have. Is this bug or it actually work like that? I thought it will give bonus hp on random ally with the lower def/hp/bonus hp when he rush, not just on that 1 ally only

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He shouldn’t give bonus HP to a toon that has max bonus HP already. If you can get this on video, I’ll send it on as a bug.

Yep, actually I have the same issue, plus the issue in which Regina does damage to only one enemy

So where should i post this video? Youtube? Sorry never make one before.

Same is with human shield jesus when i use him in attack. When he has full hp red bar, he doesnt use active skill but when he has full red bar and some bonus hp, then he use active skill. If he do the same in defense then I know why I cant defend raids, because he use active skill instead of shield when he has bonus hp.
Please take it to the team @GR.Scopely @TayTron

Yes, you can post it to YouTube and link it here. If you don’t have a YouTube to post it on, you can get it to me via Line or email and I’ll post it.

Here is the video. I rush 3 times and the bonus hp only goes to him and regina

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Always worked this way it goes to highest hp person, as I remember way back when I used wyatt. Maybe that had to do with pain split though.

Well i dont know about that for sure, that’s why i ask. Because i thought that it will give bonus hp to other team member, but it’s not. Just want to make it clear for me

I have two mercers and it happens to me too. Both mercers and Rosita only get the bonus hp regardless if the bonus hp bar is full or not.

So, any idea if its a bug or not? @LadyGeek

It isnt a bug, it is cause of the pain split, if no pain split then it goes to the toon with highest hp but pain split is going to your regina as she has the highest hp and the bonus hp is being applied to her cause of pain split

Yea i think that if the highest hp character has full bonus hp, then he should give bonus hp, def and pain split to the next highest hp teammate. But, obviously that would make too much sense.

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