Bug in-game when assaulting


This glitch or bug is super annoying, noticed it came up after the recent update. Please fix it thanks


I moved this to Bug category


move mine pis <3


Moved to Bug category too


So, his health won’t drop to 0 or what? Ezekiel became unkillable?


He did not become unkillable, he just survives while should be dead


Yep, making an extra attack will solve it. This only becomes extremely annoying when the time is running out. What if it’s a hard battle and you have to do it all again just because of this bug? =T


Same here, and in one of muy assaults even a stunned Erika was commanded by siddiq.
What the hell you are doing scopely?


And the execution skill isn’t working as it must do

Sawyer must hive the execution button lighted up