Bug In Faction Assault


thanks. I was going to try this as well. Fingers crossed cause I need the tickets.


A fac mates stuck like this also, can there be some update? Ive told him after assault to try leave and reenter. Will support credit missing markers because this is sooooo bad!


If u leave ans comeback info ur faction, the bug disapear


It worked for me!!! Thank you!


Did you still get the points?

Also, did you attack the boss in the 5th / last wave? There was a weird bug in ours that only the people who attacked him in the last wave got points, all previous points were (re)set to 0 and these ppl have been stuck in the Boss Defeated screen ever since…


In the upper right corner, tap on your avatar (probably a circle with a K in it) and then there’s an envelope icon under that.


The only fix is to leave, and rejoin your faction. It only seems to be affecting a handful in each region, so I doubt a software fix is coming. Get with a faction mate, drop out, and have them invite you back. 10 second fix.


It’s not the only fix.


I just encountered the tyresse going back to full heath bug again. I got a video

Jeff Davis region. Permaculture fac. T3 negan. Stages 3 and 4. Wave 2 and 5 I think.

@CombatDevIl @CombatMan

Video: Opponents in FA healing to full heath

Thanks, @CombatMan could you try to reproduce it? It can be either a server side issue or a game issue.


Thanks for posting, @mountkay. Reproed it here. A bug’s been logged.