Bug In Faction Assault


I keep getting a notice that says Boss Defeated even after a new assault has been opened. Please help.


Any word on this @kalishane


Can somebody please help. I am losing out for faction assault rewards and my faction is getting frustrated because I can’t help them!



Anyone else know if the tyresse team in tier 3 has a bug one person would go in hit one down to almost dead then next person would go in and they would all be at full health again!


It is a known issue we’re aware of and working in a fix for that atm.


Yes I am having the same issue. This really sucks and is unfair as these usually only happen 2-3 times a month on a normal basis and probably get an extra one with the winter discount. I was able to participate in 1 out of the 3 our faction did and I am the current holder with the most faction tickets and it is a big kick in the dick to not be able to reap those rewards. I am hoping that the ones that did have issues with this get some sort of compensation but I see it not happening or we will get Guts.


How is the time frame looking on this? My faction doesn’t want to start another faction assault without me. Now this is causing a major issue! Please tell me there is going to be some kind of compensation for this. It has been days and we lose out on the discounted time. I am in Dade region, player name is Saphy, faction The New Order. You can see that I missed out on one assault and we haven’t done any since. Please let me know timeframe if possible!!!


@CombatDevIl @kalishane Any update? Getting super frustrated!


Helo. I have some issue with faction assault.
From one week i have info: "Final result are being calculated. Pleas come back later"
My faction start next one boss but i still have this message.

Region : Effingham
Faction: chaotic frenzy
nick in game chaotic vanpac


@CombatDevIl @kalishane Any update?


Any update on this being fixed yet.


HELLO, any update ? My faction started an offensive. I’m stuck since 3 week and nothing new. Can we have at least a compensation ?


Any update on this yet


Looking for an update on this as well. Been stuck on that screen ever since our last assult ended. Guess i know now that if we start another assult i won’t be ble to participate until this is fixed. Whats the time line for the fix?


Can we please get some kind of update? I missed one faction assault so far, and I would like to let my faction know what to expect. I understand that you may not have a true time frame. Any update is better than silence. Thanks!


Yes silence is just frustrating! Faction assult is already iffy with team building but to have a glitch where leads and cos cant fight is really unacceptable. My team wont start another until my glitch is fixed and that isn’t fair for them. Answer is needed asap


Have you guys contacted support? They should be able to fix your saves.


Lolololololol… you said support amd help in rhe same sentence…


Update - left and rejoined faction this morning. This cleared the boss defeated screen for me.