BUG: I buy gear items and some of them dont show up in my stash

Last night I bought Night Vision Googles and Waist Toolpack among other gear items from supply depot after I spent 200 coins to refresh the items and those two specific items never showed up in my inventory. Today I bought also some items from supply depot and League Store also and again the same thing, WAIST TOOLPACK, NV Googles and this time a Long Coat also never showed up in my inventory (I bought one from SD and I took it normaly and one from the League Store never showed up).

What is happening, does this happen to everyone else?
I dont wanna try buy one of them again because I dont want to waste tokens or markers for nothing, I already lost thousands of them plus 200 coins…

Player Name: daffynash
Faction: Guild of Hunters
Region: Chester (EN)
Device: Samsung J7
OS Version: 8.1.0
Platform: Android


Sorry to hear about that. Have you reached out to our support already to have this looked into?

Yes, it was my first stop there, I wait for an answer tho. I just started this topic here to see if anyone else had the same problem as me…

Although sending mail to support does not mean that anything happen to solve the problem, just “we cant do anything” stuff… Anyway if you guys have the same problem just cross your fingers and try to re-obtain the items.

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