Bug found in new update


Im a beta player and since the new update I can no lomger see the health bar of the characters that have raided me (shown in photos). I did send a message to support to report it but they treated it as a complaint and just gave me the same runaround responses instead of saying that they would report is as a bug so I thought it would be better to post it here

HP not working right

Yep I just realized this in my main account after updating. @CombatMan


Ya, it’s a known issue. Will be fixed in a future update. Thanks for posting.


It was working just fine before this terrible update. It can’t be fixed now because? Pancakes?


1hp glitch need to be fix asap


What glitch? was your Tyreese dead?


There is something wrong with the update, in raids or friendly duels sometimes toons stay alive even though their health bar is completely empty. Just had it again, and it’s not like they had a bit left because i had to hit that toon 3 more times so something is wrong.


It’s had 1hp @CombatMan but it’s showing no HP left


If you get a video of this, would help with identifying the issue to fix it. Should also check their dossier each time to see their actual HP


k. Will look into it. Thanks for posting.


While looking into it will you check on why the game crashes after about half of territory wins?


That’s a known issue that has a decent size thread discussed about it.


I know i just saw you guys on and figure’d i’d hit ya with the earworm so maybe it’ll get solved someday:)


I took a screenshot but im such a noob with computers lol. I can’t upload the picture and also tried to drag and drop the picture but it doesn’t work.


Just above the microphone


I had to hit that shiva 3more times and then she died so it’s not like she had one hp or more left, she should have been dead.


Thx, i was so stupid to try it with my pc when i just could take my phone and do it that way.


Is this lit? :thinking:



Without a video showing the damage you were doing per hit, kinda hard to say that that HP fill isn’t accurate to the amount of HP that Shiva had vs their max HP


I understand but i think we both can agree that if there is nothing wrong and shiva had this amount of hp she should die from one normal hit and that didn’t happen, she needed 3more hits and then she died. I can’t proof it so i understand you but i’m not gonna record every battle i do, especially now with war.

Will keep it in mind if i have time and hopefully i can give u a video.