Bug - Error Code 11


I am exactly 1 month and 2 days without using my account, because when I tried to migrate from one region to another, the game gave this error and even with game update … I open the game and it automatically gives this error.

I received the notifications of war, territories (flags being positioned), but still had no access to the game.

I’m all this time trying to contact via email, but I get automatic support email messages.

What makes me sad is that in 10 months, my prestige from 25k ~ 30k went to 410k and even after spending a lot on the game, I am totally ignored, I am losing hope every day.

I feel deeply ashamed of the support of the game.

I already did everything that the support asked me, I cleaned data, I deleted the application, I downloaded through another network, I used another device, among other things, a friend who went through the same problem at 6 months, informed me that support migrated her to the region old and the problem was solved, I finally asked for this support and I was ignored.

Please … can any administrator and moderator help me?