BUG during the up tournament



I was completing the 8000 points goal (which was at this moment 40 lvl for red (vigilant) characters), and the game crashed alone. It re-open automatically, then I still have the same goal, 40 lvl for vigilant characters. But when I up one vigilant, the objective is still blocked to 0. I have closed and re-open the game. Then I have delete data and cache and re-installe the game.
I try again to up a vigilant character (ultra rare or more), but the 8000 points objective is still blocked to 0. The 3 others objectives are working, my problem is only for the main objective to 8000 points. I don’t know what to do to fix that. I have mp Socpely and wait an answer…


I have had the same things, it was working fine until 2-3 hours ago and now mine is stuck on 0 for all objectives the main 8k goal being tier 3 or higher peacekeepers. I don’t think my game crashed when it stopped working (although it crashes enough at the moment that I could be wrong about that) I just finished 1 goal and then it stopped working.

I haven’t done as much as you to try to fix it as I was already pretty close to the 1.25 mil milestone that I had set myself as a goal to make sure I could get Dwight.


lol same for me, since days, the game crashes at least 2-3 times per day.
Anyway, at least the problem does not come for me, and I guess we are not alone in this case. The problem started at the same time, around 2-3h ago.
I hope it will be fixed for the next tournament, for now I stopped this one to the 750k milestone.



Could you please message me your Names and Regions. I’ll take a look.