Bug: character returns from dead

Whats with the bug where you fighting someone e.g. raids, and you win but then out of nowhere the last character you killed comes back, strikes once, dies. Comes back, strikes, dies, repeat until time runs out and instead of winning like you should, you end up losing???


Was it yellow mercer? If so it’s happened to me too… couldnt do anything and had to flee. Someone told me it had to do with angels trauma if you use her.

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No, its happened with different characters.

I thought i was just seeing things but your post confirms it. I killed christa and in a flash she reappears and rushes. There were NO revive toons on the enemy tean.

Did you use decap toons?

I use red dale with the 100% heal reduction but idk if i used his active during that fight.

Even decap won’t stop it they will keep reviving using rush dying reviving using rush dying… Well u get the point, until u run out of time because your team won’t be able to do anything it will forever be the enemy teams turn

Yup, I had the same thing happen. Never got an answer on what bug it was.

I had only seen it once with mercer, but this past weekend I saw it happen with doc Stevens. I run angel on atk and doc died first turn from exhaust but popped right back up and ready to go. Wasn’t a loop and it didnt happen the next time that he died, it was weird.

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