Bug-Can not attack toon thats turned around facing teammate


Just noticed this with the recent update. Did a raid and Wyatt turned around to face his teammate. I highlighted Wyatt to attack him but it instead attacked Tyreese besides him. Did a second raid and it happened again

Backwards bug after patch

Once ty was dead could you hit Wyatt or did it just make you sit there and time out?


It solved itself next turn when Wyatt turned around after Ty died


On Survival Road this happened again with a backwards character, but his teammate still alive was on a different line and I was able to still attack the backwards toon. So i’m guessing this may have to deal with confuse and teammates on the same line @CombatMan


The issue where the characters can be facing the wrong direction is fixed for 12.0



I liked it when they turn the wrong way. It’s like the characters can’t face their inevitable demise…


If it doesn’t affect gameplay please don’t fix this. Just like the giant toons, the backward facing toons are awesome.

Please reconsider.


It does affect gameply if you cant hit the toon that you are targeting…


Never gets old :joy:

But seriously, whilst I see this all the time, I am having no issues targeting the reversed characters. Visually, the attack appears as it if is attacking the adjacent character (or thin air when they’re already dead as the photo above) but it’s not affecting combat for me. All visuals. Hilarious visuals.


We should have the option to activate this bugs. They are funny, they aren’t game breaking (yes, I’m talking about territories).
We should have the ability to let them on.
This and the megazord characters are the best and most funny “bugs” that this game has.
It makes raids fun. Leave them be and focus on correcting the territories and scavenger missions bugs (reloading the game and taking it to a previous time).


I don’t have any problem attacking reversed characters, hence why I said this is not game breaking. It makes me laugh and makes for good screenshots.



Ssshhhh it will be all over soon lol




What is love ?
Baby don’t hurt me !


Axel was definitely confused

Couldn’t hit Reverse Glenn, hit Front facing Glenn 1st… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Fixed in update 12 !!!
And which version are we on now lolololol


Glenn’s going to die anyway, so let’s go off and frolic together. Shhhh, don’t tell him it’s our baby.


Didn’t they say the issue was fixed already


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