bug-Brian red AR problem

Unless it is a walker…


Don’t fix what isn’t broken…
Unless you’re a Scopely dev.

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Yes very true

Some would argue it was always broken if you read the description of Disarm…

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Red Bryan’s AR to the museum is certain.


Multi hitters like brian, decap sandy, blue konrad, double atk dwight, and etc are all affected by weapon effects.

Decap Chris and Sandy are the same way … It pisses me right the f off when Lydia AD’s all three of chris hits…

Bruce, louis, harper, mich. These toons can still be stunnned/impaired/abso if there weapon dont trigger disarm… Disarm isnt a 100% chance

That being said it did take them like a year to figure it out though. :wink:

It’s like the “crit” bug when they found out how everyone was using leads, weapons, and maybe mods to get over 100% crit so they had to “fix” the formula i.e. no longer possible to achieve 100%.


Disarm is 100% as it is a skill. Disarm toons cannot be affected by any human holding a weapon on the disarms attack. Disarming the enemy is not a 100% chance. It is super confusing I know as the skill involves chance and certainty

Disarm activates 100% of the time when it is a critical attack - but it is the critical attack which is not 100% guaranteed.

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Read the skill of disarm. When a disarm toon attack and enemy with a special that triggers on defend (stun, impair, AD etc) the disarm toon will 100% of the time not be affected.

LOL so it is both, 100% and not 100% ad there are two parts to the skill

the disarm toon cant be affected by a weapon ( AD, stun, impair, etc) and if he crit he will disarm the toon so your full team cant be affected by the weapon

Even if they arn’t disarmed my Bruce has never been stunned impaired or had absolute defence affect him at all

OK thanks all for answers! Im lame! thx!


The solution is stun resist. He NEEDS it. But dude he is a monster with damage output.

he ia juast bad i didnt even ascend him

There are alot of toons with 2 or 3 basic attacks. Ones like harper, michonne, and Bruce are disarms so this wont effect them. But Red decap sandy, blue dewhite, bryan, konrad, and im sure there are more can be effected. Best way around stun or disarm first. Also put stun resist mods on them.

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