Bug - ap gain actives


I’ve seen this happen and just thought I missed something, but faction mate recently confirmed they were having same issue.

With multiple ap gain actives/rushes, appears the first toon properly gives to 2 toons, but the second toon only gives to 1 toon (should be 2). So in sum 3 instead of 4 receive the ap gain.

I observed this a while back when using carl and limited negan, don’t recall typical order of use.

Faction mate is experimenting with gov and carl and seeing this issue when using 2 actives.

Conditions -

  • ap gains used in the same turn
  • no toons are max andrenalin points at time of use (except obviously limited negan)

I asked my faction mate to try it a few times, so we are pretty certain we aren’t overlooking anything.

@CombatDevIl can u test and see what’s What?


Are you sure there was none full AP at the second usage time? There was a known issue we fixed already and will be available in a future update for Carl AP Gain Active not working if you had two or more fighters with full AP.


I was expierencing this as well I will try for screen shot. There were times it gave to a toon with full ar however I purposely did this when everyone’s was just used turn before. But it does seem to go too toons with full ar often. This a bug is being fixed?


Yes, it was fixed for a future update.


OK thanks I will try and manipulate this to show u. However sometimes things happen so quickly and we are going so fast it’s hard to tell lol. I sometimes think I’m imagining these bugs til others point them out.


I shall conspire with my faction mate to try to run a few more scenarios and if possible get images. More info when I have some more time.


Incorrect weapon proc here, Carl bug was found in this video.


do you know when? I’m happy it’s been fixed I’m just curious


That’s a producer decision, they manage the bug fixed and feature for each version. What I can tell as combat developer is that we know what caused this issue. :slight_smile: