Bug affecting many: Error code 100,000


Have you been affected this weekend?


At least 100 times. But it must be everyone’s connection because it’s definitely not scopely.


Me too… Good to know, I was thinking a fault for my new wi-fi router…


Yes. I’ve been effected by both “error 100,000” and at least 100k errors within the past 2 years of this game.


Just part of the Scopely decay plan.


Me too. During war, especially. This ruins the game for everyone, and Scopes know it’s their responsibility.

Take more care of your own game, will ya, Scopely?


Yes, at least 100 times. Annoying as hell.


Yup, it’s been popping up probably 30-40 times a day every day since war started.


Will they never admit it is their fault? Then always point the finger at us…


Just one second before a tower attack, niiiiiice


All weekend… I’ve also been plauged by “this camp is currently shielded” for about 5 sec after the shield drops.


@CombatMan @CombatDevIl Any explanations would be appreciated, thank you.


Yep and game resets if you take a tower in under a minute :frowning:


Game is laggy as shit and it’s very annoying with that error popping up.


I’ve had it too, game been very laggy this weekend, not been able to get on much add it happens but it’s been terrible when i have


Whole my faction suffer from this so i dont think its our internet connection too :confused: sad that scopely been fixing bugs for few months and done nothing


Over and over and over. It sucks


“Please check your internet connection”



We have Been getting the same over and over again. Horrible lags, game booting in the middle of a fight in war or while taking the towers. And I think 5can drops the whole war😑


Yeah had it all weekend too. Very annoying. :rage: