Bug: Active Skills not working

Smashed through a few levels of the Survivor Roadmap to hit the daily mission for the Harvest Event and noticed that my characters active skills bars weren’t reflecting the progress of turns. Below are turn 2, 3 and 4 (corresponding to Wave 2, 3 and 4) and you can see that the active skills bars aren’t filling at all.

Not tested it anywhere else, or with other teams. But it happened on three stages of the map. Will test when energy regenerates a little.
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OK, tested some more. Seems to be that the game isn’t counting the first turn unless all your characters attack in a single wave (i.e. when a wave takes more than one turn).

This is Act 6 final stage, because team is one shotting the enemy I don’t use more than one turn per wave ans the AS doesn’t generate:

Same team, same stage but Wave 1 I defend which means I use two turns to finish the wave. Everything works correctly:

Note, after the first turn generated, everything seemed to work correctly even though I was finishing subsequent waves without needing more than one turn. So it seems to be an issue with when the game considers the first turn over.

Probably not a concern in normal play - if your smashing the enemy hard enough to not need more than one turn per wave, you probably won’t need active skills - but a bug nonetheless.

Which toon?

Same for me. I noticed it a while ago.
As +8%AP and +20%AP not working on the 1st turn …
Something seems to be wrong with every 1st turn if every wave.

What’s your game version?

Sending this up but don’t expect to get any feedback until Monday. Thanks for the excellent detailed explanation and for taking the time to figure out exactly what’s going on.

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My tobin never recover stun when i test him in auto attack.
Also i dont like when zander use active disarm instead of command my priya or other toon.
Would be nice to have more options in team edit. Like turn of/turn on active skill/rush for every toon and decide in what turn you want each toon to rush/active
But this may be too hard for devs :confused:

No worries. Despite all my bitching and whining, they game only gets better if people spot these issues and explain them properly.

Also, i tend to need to do extensive testing to be sure there is an issue, and I’m not being an idiot


@Kanaima - Thanks for the detailed report. I will raise this internally :slight_smile:

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