BUG: 80% When Healed not working


I made a weapon for KOA 80% extra hp when healed but when he heals it does not add the 80%. this is clearly not working as intended


im pretty sure what happens is you will get an additional 80% on top of the amount healed. so if his rush gives 35% hp you will gain 80% of that (28) for a total of 63%. i didnt see anything in the combat guide but im sure @CombatDevIl will verify if this is correct tomorow


Yeah, that’s what the description says but why should it be true though. -.- Assumed abilitys always worked great, no ?


the first time i read the lvl 1 version i had initially thought i would get a flat 25 % on top of however much i was supposed to get. so i was thinking the OP was thinking 35% + 80%


yes however u only get the flat amount of 35% not 63% or anything like that


it doesnt add anything for a self heal at all


ok its a visual error. it says 35 but its healing for 63%


You’ll need proofs of that. Screenshot/vids and tag a developer.


@Wrecks is right, 80% on top of the amount healing.

Math is %Healing times 1.8.


@CombatDevIl when is the wheel getting an update


Oh man, I don’t know, that’s not on me.


Who is it on