BUFF those characters scopes plese! Part 1


So you relesing new super op toons every week so you can
buff old toons too bcs they are just shit and nothing more.

So barker yea.He was preety ok when he came out but now?He is ok bcs 36 crit nothing more.
Add +200 bleed per turn and focus self and 2 other teammates for 2 turns.

Next one is vincent.He is totaly trash.No one using him now only thing is good is active skill.
Add him heal all team mates 25% of thier max hp and recover from stun.

What i can say about green negan?Even more trash than vincent.Trash rush trash active skill and leader skill…
Add 400 maim damage,10 more crit and 1 more turn and up to 3 team mates gain 20% bonus hp.

Joshua…He is just bad nothing more…
Add him 100% Heal reduction to 1 enymy and all enymys adject to it and damage incraces to 550%

So this is my idias for those 4 characters.You can said : ,Why they are not that bad you say!!!, yea they not but that was when they cane out and we havent got multiple shilds/revive teams…We NEED THAT BUFFS SCOPES!!!

(sorry for my english but i hope you understand)


Plz don’t last thing we need is to give scopley the ability to Nerf and buff any toon they want. this is just asking for things to turn to shit


A buff in some toons is needed. See other games that buff older toons to reinvigorate them back into the meta.


Nah, Barker just sucks real bad. Maybe if his lead skill affected all melee teammates, he’d be a teeny tiny bit better, but he sucks regardless. Nothing buffing can do to these poor fellows now, what’s done is done.


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