Buff Kapoor please

15000 Maim to only a line of enemies isn’t that good for S-class. I’m thankful for him an all and his def buff is good but i think the maim damage could be for a group of enemies or ad hemorrhage


Do you want x class next month? Where they going to go from here.


I gotta say first impressions weren’t that good but seeing him on defence makes me think he’s pretty good.


Remember what they all have said about James? :rofl: And he isn’t even maxed yet.

Sure 1500 maim is low, even compared to Regina but for people who struggle to obtain sclass toons he is enough.


He is so average compared to the other S-class toons🤷🏼‍♂️

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Sure, give a free toon “1500 maim to all”, and then try to SELL Zachary… Right.

Of cause free S class toons are weaker then premium ones. Like 6* premium are better then 6* legacy. Nothing new here.


need to be for group i vote yes


I know what you’re trying to suggest here, but he is the worst of all S class so far, so is well below average. Average for Sclass so far would be, say, Priya since she’s in the middle of the S class for effectiveness so far. Kapoor is the bottom. He’s definitely not average for Sclass.

But he’s free, so fair doos.


Yeah it was expected :frowning:

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He doesn’t get into my team, let’s hope the war wheel is good

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Idk why y’all are complaining about him

he’s better than a majority of my roster so I’ll gladly take him once I get some heads after this war :woman_shrugging:

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ss class br0

Agreed win a lot of defences lately with raulito lead laopo James kapoor and dante

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