BUFF HERSHEL.We deserve it!

We deserve a buff for Hershel after all that you did in past 1 week with S class and Jessie…

Give hershel 100% Heal reduction for all enemies for 2 turns,all teammates gain 30% bonus hp,15% hp and revive 1 teammate with 100% hp.

We fokin deserve it!!!


Why? What did you do to deserve it? What have you done that deserves a reward?


-They buffed S Class to fucking God Level
-They didnt relesed anything good since Eric
-They buffed Jessie AFTER they relesed Her again to fuc
king God lvl when you can get 600deff by turn 2…


Errr played for 4 years :hugs:


Give it up. Scopely doesn’t care about what you want, what you deserve, or even the game. All they care about is what is in your wallet. I don’t even know why they bother to send out surveys.


After Eric? So Donnie, Charlie, Regina and Rick suck? Big Nope


Nah they were great toons for F2P and mild spenders defo, just every toon after has been doggy doo’s when they should of been getting better🤗

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You didn’t do any of those things. None!

She was never available for purchase. You’re wrong again.

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Again Nah they buffed her, don’t care if she was available or not, they officially showed her to us in game then removed her and pumped her stats etc up, she was buffed🤗

Yeah they buffed her after she appeared in the tower but b4 selling her


Charlie/regina weren’t legancy.
Donny was meh Rick too.
I mean they are good but not enaugh.

Charlie and Regina were still mostly F2P and how Awesome they were. Donny is Great, I think and saw when facing him, have him since yesterday. Rick is fantastic aswell, with the only downside being his Active Skill.


Yea.thats true.But again.Im talking about Legancy.Not Leage store.

Wacth Maggie keep the relitivly same kit like exact same kit and everyone go she’s poop
It’s not like he’s lost anything
And 60% rev hp is very generous tbh


It’s not a buff if she’s not available! No one was affected by her changing. No buff happened

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There is literally picture proof of the buffs. They buffed her after she was already set to release as is. After scopely heard the community thought she was trash they went ahead and pull her off ascendance tower, and pushed her out 4× what she was so she would sell. Why they won’t do that for any free to play character they’re releasing? Simply greed. None stand even close to the quality of premium characters. Never before has the
gap between free to play and pay to play been as bad as it is right now.



EVERYONE was affected by that buff…

How did it affect you? How did it affect your faction? What changed before and after the buff for your team? What did the buff do that made a difference to you?

Oh so they uploaded the wrong image to the tower then removed it quickly and released her to the public. I wouldn’t call that a buff at all. How do you know they don’t they change f2p toons before they are released? This non-buff had no affect on the game and she’s not even a good toon so why cry about it?

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@Quill joined 2 hours ago and has seemed to be doing damage limitation on Scopely’s behalf ever since.
We’ve had quite a few accounts that have started in the last few days, they last a few hours doing the same as this account, then seem to stop.

We can see through it mate, we’re not stupid.