Buff for all toons!?

Did you guys noticed this? From outta nowhere (I don’t see any letter from Scopely about this new buff, or even threads about today) the promote thing now give higher stats than before, something around +400 points.
Check this Romanov, with the first introduction of promote he pass from 1900 atk base for 2300-2400 atk base, and now for 2800 atk base.

Yeah I saw that, no annoncement, feels like 6* stars introduction lol

Maybe a “shut up” for people who are pissed with the super ultra new S Class buff

That is showing them as veteran in the tower now. Quite annoying actually.


For people who haven’t figured it out, Ricky is correct. They are showing level 30 veteran stats rather than maxed 6*, tier 4 stats. No buff unless you can get the rings.

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