Buff characters(yes it’s already happened)


You see the title of this thread and are thinking: this guys a dumbass fuckwad(should be a negan quote).

This was lee when he first launched.

This is lee now.

So scopely can buff and change rushes. They just choose not to.


Nicely spotted.


They done what they done to lee to other characters like carolino too I believe she use to fully heal 2-3 teammates back in the day now it’s just one


If I remember correctly rushes used to buff before the attack and then they changed it to the buff being applied after the attack so they rebalanced a lot of different characters rushes so that the damage delt was similar to what it had been before


I just want them to put back the occupation that added more depth into the game tbh


No it’s not, it’s “up to three” teammates healed


Did u not saw the OP Buff for the 6*? Where they completly broke the Game?

Of couse they can Change everything within a Character. They just have to Code it.


Lewin Is right. It wasn’t a buff, just a change to the mechanics.

Same thing happened to any old characters who used to attack and provide a buff. They stopped the buff applying before the damage, so to compensate and ensure the character did the same level of damage as before, the percentage was increased.