Buff 2 star Exp

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Leveling these S Class toons with 2 stars is just crazy. Adding all these extra levels without adjusting the old Xp of trainers and 2 stars really doesn’t make any sense.

Sitting here for an hour to get like 50 levels isn’t my idea of fun. Can they get a bump in Xp please or create a new training ground that lets us train Burts and Brady’s exclusively.


Are you single pressing each trainer or long pressing to add in groups of 10 when training? It takes me very few click + holds to max a tier on a character if I have enough trainers.

My roster is at the max even with SC. Very hard for me to get big numbers enough to do that. Even then it’s a hassle to go and buy more food. It just needs a revamp imo.

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What takes up your roster? I’ve only been playing for a little over a year, am not SC and I am usually around like 300ish slots out of 550. If I sell/use every trainer it drops down to low 200s.

Four year player. Lots of 5 stars and still have some benedicts from the pathways event. I’m just trying to empty a training ground.

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This and im not in SC. trying to level aarav and will have to figure out how to make my roster go from 1200/500 while having 0 2* 3* or 4* aside from trainers

That isnt the point :man_facepalming: the point is these s-class toons take for more xp and levels and gear than 6* and they created a new meta and after 4 years we barely got small updates to the 6* meta, if they want to keep making money, keep players playing, they need to update for the new meta they made.


I emptied a training ground with 1,500 2 stars that I let run out by accident… Couldn’t even get kapoor from t3 level 1 to t3 level 130. Forget about the food cost too. Too much. Need a change.

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and when a player runs out of trainers or 2* they might go to the store and buy some more, that’$ the point. We should be able to obtain more food without leaving the roster tho.

I feel this. Soooooooo much.

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