Bs matchmaking in war

Scopely just make the matchmaking everyone faces everyone. This is bs facing rank 1 fac 6 times in a row.


top 2 in Crenshaw have yet to match eachother smh

Bu duruma bir çözüm bulamadığın iciniçin utanmalısın scopely

Participation is WAY down. The top faction is still trying hard, gotta have those bragging rights, but the rest of the region is not into war too much.

Çünkü aktif oyuncu kalmadı fazla. 8 oyuncu bulamıyoruz.

People are tired of being fed to the op #1 team every other match so they give up.

Merge regions or switch to CRW only. This sucks.


Most likely they don’t start the search until they see the other team in a war. This way they can avoid an actual challenge and rack up easy wins.

Just switch to crw please. Keep region war for regions that are one year or newer.

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17 factions active factions left in bibb

Unfortunately, my faction is getting the shit end of the stick as well. We’ve been facing the same top factions over and over again. Ranked 1, 3, and 5. Occasionally something different but the same results nonetheless; a quick, 5 minute ass-whuppin’ before you could say “DAYUM”.

You can’t be matched with players that aren’t there. Period.

yeah same problem here… 14 battles 5 each against #1 and #2 factions and 2 against #3 faction… no longer even fun… just about done warring there’s no point

This is the problem. Unless there were 10 Ready at the same time a multiple equivalent in strength to yours, you won’t get matched with equivalent strength you will only get matches with who’s waiting already which is the factions that run non stop and clear in under ten.

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One thing I’ve been noticing this war(most non-crw) over the time is the number of participating factions in my region. 18 with at least 2 wars in. Matchmaking is always gonna suck if it’s only the top few factions warring. Quite sad and disappointing really. Haven’t seen a high participation war in my region in a long long time

Now that you say it, I notice it too. 16 other factions and at least 4 have a single battle in. Top factions of course are above us.

They should just merge merges merges regions with dwindling player counts together to make a healthy region

I remembered when war first came out and placing top 10 was a feat. 100+ war crates in a war weekend were normal. 12 wars would break top 10 now…

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