Bryan's weapon?




For those who chose him in the museum, how are you going to mod his weapon ? I’m not sure if I need to replace the bonus HP attribute by AP/attack


Put Ap attacking…is better


I’m keeping the bonus hp, a main reason I chose him.


Keep the crit, keep the special, get huge AP bonus. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.


Been seeing threads on this and one was brought up about adding spash damage to his weapon,JB was asked how this would work regarding hits but still hasn’t replied


It appears that it stacks…splash and collateral could be the game changer.


Yeah, I have a feeling that it definitely stacks


It stacks and with collateral 2 its 100% + 80% = 180% I’m putting splash damage, huge bonus to ap when attacking and 35 crit. Mods is attack set, crit chance, ap drain, attack, damage to yellow, stun resist. So far t1, not maxed mods hes killing melee teams and annoying ass zeke gaurdians are not an issue.


If I can get Splash on his weapon I am going to run a crit mod set similar to what I run on Dwight…huge damage bonus when lucky with a critical attack.


Huge ap when attacking
Keep the special


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