Bryan users, how good is he on offence?

what are the weapon stats and mods you using and how good/bad is he on offence?

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He is decent, but I went back to using neut Gov cause the CC was better

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Not that impressed but im waiting for free mod removal day to give him more attack and crit damage mods and see what goes


He isnt bad on attack but depends on what you do with his gun. You could go more crit or attack. I think he’s stronger with attack but his special doesnt work well without crit. I used him for attack for a while but decided to go without for a while to see if i can do better with his mods and stats


Hes decent, put 30 atk on his weapon and he shreds but went back to uding my norm set up. Collateral damage 2 would have been better for him if he had double atk on his weapon

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With him on attack I was able to beat a team I normally couldn’t beat so I would say he’s pretty good.

Andrea leader
It’s amaizing
He was killer a three greens with the charge

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With the right support he is really good. I have an all in crit setup for him behind blue Andrea (40 att, Huge AP on attack). He ARs every 2 turns and hits like a truck.
Here’s my setup. (Still waiting on gold crit chance and AP down mods)

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this sounds to be the best setup to give him. Pretty basic but I think it works pretty well.

I am going for the same weapon but offensive mods tho

Did you try using attack set , atk mod , crit chance mod , crit dmg mod?

If you have blue alpha or blue konrad pair them with him on offense and they do tons of damage on reg hits when collateral/splash pop off

i put him behind Andrea and also had Herschel for his crit ar

Mine has +35% ATK along with a max gold damage mod and he shreds greens. I’m talking if he does his rush he’ll generally take out both greens on a general team. Absolutely destroys Shiva and Carl. Pretty nice against Koa too

I think attack set is slightly better overall, but I don’t have as many gold mods like I do with crit so it is what it is ATM. Also as much as I liked splash damage, It triggered AP gains faster and wasn’t as consistent as bonus 35 crit. The crit is waaay more consistent now triggering 9 out of 10 times for me which is way more relevant. One high roll crit AR can wipe a whole team of greens.

Combine him with red Lori’s attack buff, and blue Andrea’s 800% nuke for nuisance removal and I have almost 0 trouble with raids.

Sorry about the double post, but here are a few crappy screenshots of his shenanigans. On his own he’s ok, with the right support, I find that he is god tier. Disregard the B team on attack, my A team was out on the 100K exp mission.

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