Bryan & Princess Team Builds

I made a couple of videos about Bryan and more recently Princess, both of which were available from the thanksgiving event. Talking about possible weapons, mods and team compositions for both.

Built Bryan primarily towards being an anti melee attack team character, although did do a basic ranged team with him in (not recommended unless limited characters) A command is extremely useful to get off the first rush as due to the AP gain he receives, almost does not lose a turn compared to normal characters.

Bryan Build Ideas Overview

Bryan Build Discussion Video

I get the overview image incorrect at the end of the video, the one above is the right one.

Princess seems more of a filler character until you get a shield but could have a lot of control even behind one. The builds are aimed towards her being on a DEF team. AP down, for me, is a must if she is to reach her full potential within raids but there is a bleed option in there for anyone wanting to keep a hold of that.

Princess Build Ideas Overview

Princess Build Discussion Video


thank u soooo much for princess vid now i have a very tanky carl team with her

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Nice video on bryan!

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