Bryan or Princess


I chose princess.


Is this how blue michonne should be set up?
With crit on her weapon ?


I prefer giving crit to disarm toons, since weapon effects are a pain when they trigger.


Splash it’s good?


i went for bryan on both accs, but you have to remember hes a little like dwight without the double attack weapon, can add crit etc but does take a little away from his hard hitting attack stat. Princess ive never seen as a good toon, just an annoying one if peeps used her


Its increases the damage of splash, not good, not bad. But ita the best you can get with red. Though, curruntly wondering if collateral damage and ap drain will work.


Splash damage combined with AP drain existed with yellow Barker during the 5* era. But it was fixed as a bug


thats interesting to know!


Ultimately got the Princess.


went for princess, i think i’ll have to abuse taunt characters


Princess all the way for her weapon if you don’t know by now you never will… It just makes sense when I ascended her shel be a team killer

  • 5 star ascendable Rose
  • 5 star ascendable Princess
  • 5 star ascendable Bryan

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This is just to make it slightly easier for people. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will get bryan when the next roadmap releases before the end.


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