Bryan and collateral damage

I got Bryan and put a crit damage mod set on him and I assume the crit damage portion does not affect collateral damage? I also see that it does not seem to scale with his ar as well as it will hit for say 3k damage and the cd will be 300? Does attack boost cd and how are you guys modding him?

crit mod, Attk mod ,attk vs green, stun resist and something what you want.gun :40 attk Huge bonus to Ap when attk and 20% bonus hp.

collateral damage is a 100% attack and can only be boosted by attack modifiers

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same exact setup I am going after. Just a little behind you on it. Needed to research the red trait for splash damage, but almost there. Sucks about the VL instead of huge, but shouldn’t be much of an issue. Who do you use as lead for him?

The splash damage is subject to defense modifiers, that is why it is alot less in some cases.

It doesnt appear the splash can crit. Will do more testing.

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We should of got princess :man_facepalming:. Going off that he looks trash god and some baffoons spent for him.

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Yeah get the blue Abe of green toons so she can be trash tank toon that’ll ironically get killed by Brian


So far from what I’ve heard she’s a really good tank actually that could easily withstand a barrage by bryan behind carl lead pretty easily actually.

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Blue andrea, for att and ap boost

That’s probably what I’m going for although with Bryan’s really low def the wanderer may be a good option also and just put a huge bonus attacking on bryan’s pistols and use siddiq to command him.

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Against revive-stall andrea is best, becaue they deal no damage, against more agressive def teams i run lucas lead.

The splash doesn’t crit. This has recently been confirmed.

Edit: Link for reference

I have asked this in the official combat reference thread a week ago.

The big question for me is: Is the damage multiplier of his rush an attack modifier that gets splashed by collateral 2?

His rush is 2 x 300%(more if it crits) attacks. Collat will still be a 100% attack.

From what I’ve seen this isn’t true it seems to only to be 1x not 3x but I could be wrong…

Princess is not a good tank in any team I’ve attacked.

She is nice on offense as her active is one of the best in game unfortunately she does little damage and you will be dead by the time you kill one Lydia team

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