Bruh how long( 15 words)

How long is it gonna take me to get to platinum so I can get legendary gear? It’s been a year since 6*s been released and scopely still can’t give us frequent roadmaps for gear. Only way I see to get gear for tier 3 or 4 is to get to platinum league and that’s gonna take a minute I’m sure.

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Each season starts with a qualifier, so potentially you can jump to the V division of a league.

So, assuming you get promoted each stretch, you’ll finish this Season in Silver III (no promotions or demotions in final stretch).

Season 4 qualifier you can get to Silver V and promoted to Platinum I by Stretch 7

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Really? I understand the last part but I don’t understand the stuff about qualifying and what’s not. Is there a certain amount u need to jump divisions?

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You’re competing every season against those in your leagues. You have to out-play them and get to promotion placement. Just click on your scoreboard. They make it very obvious who is being promoted, demoted, or stagnating.

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Ok, so everyone who finishes in, say, Silver, at the end of a Season will enter a qualifier in the next season. The top 10 will go into Silver V, 11th - 20th into Silver IV, 21st - 30th into Silver III etc etc.

So if you were in Silver III at the end of the last Season, you have the potential to end up in Silver V after the qualifier, meaning you “skip” Silver IV.

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So this is how it would work for you:

Season 3, Stretch 7: Promoted from Silver II to Silver III
Season 3, Stretch 8: Stay in Silver III (no promotions or demotions)

Season 4, Qualifier: Qualify in Silver V
Season 4, Stretch 2: Promoted from Silver V to Gold I
Season 4, Stretch 3: Promoted from Gold I to Gold II
Season 4, Stretch 4: Promoted from Gold II to Gold III
Season 4, Stretch 5: Promoted from Gold III to Gold IV
Season 4, Stretch 6: Promoted from Gold IV to Gold V
Season 4, Stretch 7: Promoted from Gold V to Platinum I
Season 4, Stretch 8: Stay in Platinum I (no promotions or demotions)


Oh ok I get it that’s gonna be about 2 months I guess

Season 4 Stretch 7 kicks off 6th May if my maths is right, so exactly two months

Im curious for all the people who dropped down for said “easy coins” if you go down to say silver if you at one point were in diamond do you have access to all the stores still? Lol not asking because that’s my plan in quite comfy maintaining diamond with regular effort but was curious

Easy coins can be had in Platinum lower leagues without losing access to the store. I went from 47th to 15th (which get coins but not promotion) just based on my War score in Platinum III.

But to directly answer the question, I believe you do lose access

Yeah i was just curios as i know some made plans on dropping super low. Alot actually did this. My baby account is in Silver 3 atm and its alot more crowded than before with scores much higher than before
Once in diamond its easy to maintain. Wasn’t as difficult as people made it sound out to be. Ive just made sure to either promo or stay in the current standing. Im not doing any more than normal. War weeks i always promote would of never been able to do the dropping and juggling business

200 coins at the cost of very low tier characters? What’s not to love.

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Damn that’s long

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