Bruce's Story Roadmap


This is the first roadmap I’ve seen in a long time that has been a challenge for more advanced players AND gives decent and usable rewards ie. Gear we can’t craft and no RNG. Advanced gear for advanced players - small gesture from Scopely but a big impact on the player’s experience.

It gets quite hectic with all those crazy weps in act II - almost as if someone who plays the game designed this. Whatever happened, keep it up, it’s a huge step in the right direction IMO. Thanks! @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


Agree 100% with you… only hope is they continue to give roadmaps with similar rewards… a lower requirement map so all can take part and a higher requirement one for the advanced players


Agreed. I’m hoping they make these weekly or bi-weekly even. For the most part, imho, the first month and a half of 2018 has outshined the 2nd half of 2017 in regards to this game.


I enjoyed it immensely. Had to use some salt for the first time in months lol


Same! :joy: fun times


I will give them credit it was a good roadmap. Hopefully they’ll do it again.


Hard as fuck for me. Can’t beat stage 4 of the S5 map.
Probably because I’m only S3 though.


I did it with s2+ team. I needed to use items I’ve not touched in years.
This is the team and items I used, only two stages I didn’t get 3*'s on them. Sure there’s better character’s to use if you’ve got them.

Oh and weapons help also, again if you have them. My Shiva has revive, so two revivers.


I have no revivers, and my weapons suck.
That’s probably why it’s so hard for me.
I usually focus on toons, and neglect the weps.


One more thing I like is they made the helper toon Bruce actually ok. You guys remember the old days when they would die one hit? I always thought to myself why would anyone buy these characters they make them suck so bad. It seemed a weird way to promote them.


I used Black Coffee!

Never thought I’d have to. Most people in my faction forgot it was there. Which is sad. Coffee is too good to be useless


I’m gonna admit to you rn that I have no idea what black coffee does. I haven’t used items since back in the day when I had trouble with ultra rare maps. There were a handful of staples (nerve gas vials, tear gas vials, smelling salts, molotovs for the ‘use 10 battle items’ daily mission) that I always kept equipped and I never really learned about the rest oops. I’m looking through my inventory now thinking damn… should’ve put that elegant intense to use :rofl:


Black coffee cures stun and impair for one toon

Lemon juice cures those for all toons and heals 100 hp

Both are pretty good for that roadmap


Give credit where credit is due. Thank you for this roadmap scopely