Bruce's Story, prize at the end

There is a epic gear bag at the end of the hard mode, is it me or is this a first? A road map that leads to a watch or hand crank radio??? If so, Thank you and it’s about time!!


Hard mode?

Be Wary of “New OP Bruce” ahead, but cant see how he does cause the RM doesnt give the CPU special weapons to use.

Hard mode’s recommendation is S5, which is the first time I’m seeing if I’m correct. Of course, any S1 team can probably do it with the right team and battle items set-up. Hopefully the difficulty is close to what’s recommended, and in the future we’ll see more roadmaps that rely on team building/battle items to make things interesting.


Yea, there’s two maps within that roadmap, one labeled easy, another hard, you have to complete the easy one to get to the hard.

dont think you have to complete the easy to get the hard, I can do stage one of act2 right away.

Nope, you can do the hard one without doing the easy one.

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The cpu has special weapons in this roadmap.

There’s a screen grab from act two

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Be Wary of Liar above

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Well that’s intresting. There are many characters as enemies I still want and who are Not No Namens

I just done the first part of the map and most of the stages had enemies with special weapons, stun, impair, and absolute defense. But still couldn’t get real use out of bruce as he pretty much kills them after one tap.


This is a very nice map!


Yes great prizes. First one offers a school bag/radio and second act (s5) offers a radio/watch. I’m very happy with this. Unfortunately I bet I’ll get a watch

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This is a perfect example of small things that really boost the communities sprits. Good stage prizes and something fresh :call_me_hand:


Running Tripp with T3 Minigun Vik. Rest is 4* T4 Clark, Lim Ed. Jesus, and Hershel. They’re honestly not that hard even if you don’t use a Nerve Gas Vial and I can’t do much damage myself (ganging one brings them close to 20% more or less). But grenades and Def Down vials make the match go quickly. Two grenades if you want it over now. Confident in saying that those who stockpile Battle Items from Daily Missions, and occasional crafting will succeed in getting those legendary gear and the bag. Hopefully, this won’t sway Scopely to buffing them in the future. My workshops ain’t leveled up to the point I can just craft this stuff.

New rm hard mode. 5 waves each, everyone of them a windowless wep

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Yes!!! Finally a reason to use black coffee!

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While not a challenge for me I know it will be for half of my faction. Why do they always do this. I love that we are finally getting some decent gear but why make it extremely hard for the newer players to get the much needed gear? Boggles my mind.


Edit. Did not mean to direct this towards you Cats.


Because they want the vets to get hooked on Bruce for the $$$, look who else they have done this for.

Erika comes to mind. shes still making scopely Bank of it.

That’s fine that he’s featured on every stage. We know the p2p people are gonna be all over his bulbous behind no matter what. Still this game always screws over the little guys. Just really tired of seeing that. They really need to do a much better job including everyone. This is solo stuff no need to screw them over.

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