Bruce VS Lilly (by CN)

Hello there!
I am here to write you another article. This time let’s compare Bruce and Lilly!

    1. Stats

Bruce has 100 points more HP, but in return, Lilly has almost 400 more defenses and 200 more attacks.
Total we get the total stat of Bruce - 4881, Lilly - 5366. A big enough difference to boldly give points at this paragraph.

Bruce 0:1 Lilly

    1. Adrenaline Rush

Immediately notice that the rush of Bruce is faster. The damage they have is the same. Bruce’s post effects are a buff for yourself and to teammate of +50 attack and crit for 2 turns. Post-effects Lilly - a remove of buffs to defend against a target and everyone nearby, as well as a buff to two teammates + 20% AP.
Lilly’s AP buff is small and almost insignificant, and a remove a defense buffs is not needed in every case. With Bruce, post effects are always needed, at least for him, because he is a disarm and crit with an attack he will be help. The buff of another teammate can also give greater productivity if it is an attacker with a charged rush or a guardian/decapitate.

Bruce 1:1 Lilly

  • 3.Active Skill

Even before the mods appeared in the game, I would say with firm confidence that the active skill of Lilly is better. But now, when there is resistance to both of her debuffs, the Bruce active skill seems to be better, because there is no resistance from that, it can’t be counter and it can control enemy rushes well and can even decide the outcome of the fight. Undoubtedly, Lilly’s active is very good, but in today’s realities, Bruce’s active is more valued.

Bruce 2:1 Lilly

    1. Better as a disarm

Bruce has a faster rush, it affects his productivity in disarm. He can rushfaster, in his rush, a crit can be on one of two hits. Then he buffs his crit and will disarm even better on the next turns. Lilly is not only slower at her rush, but also without a crit-buffs :slightly_frowning_face:
Yes, of course, each of them can be delivered to other crit buffs, but you should definitely compare their disarm potential and taking into account a single game.

Bruce 3:1 Lilly

As a result, Bruce stays in the top1.5, Lilly stays in the top3

Write your opinion in the comments, like the article, if you like it! See you soon!

  • Bruce
  • Lilly

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I disagree with this 1, lily can rush turn 2 with a command and her 20% AP gain to 2 can also mean 2 more have the option to also rush that turn. her active stun for 2 turns I think is a better active skill especially now with players at the top level opting to use taunt resist over stun resist and sometimes that makes the difference if her disarm has failed on previous turns

Anyway, Bruce has more chances to rush early

with huge AP lead and AP weapon they both rush turn 3 or turn 2 with a command

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