Bruce to pull or save coins?

What is everyone’s opinion. I hopefully, ( tapjoy dependant) will get enough coins today to have enough to pull for Bruce.

Is it worth saving these coins to try win a tournament or pull for Bruce? Last time I grinded enough to pull for erika I got red romanov which was a massive slap in the face and really don’t want this to happen again but an unsure if Bruce is worth the risk.

  • Pull
  • Save

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Pull and get more coins for tourney. Also all tournies are crap so I dunno why would you save anyway.

Do your pull on 2x chances.

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wait for a shooter with this skill.

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Worth noting I am melee oriented

:rofl: Funny

I did 3 10 pulls and 1 40 pull. 3 5 stars, no Bruce but did get shield Conrad. I didn’t realize it wasn’t 2x chances. I’d wait if I were you.

If you are having trouble attacking or getting past those windowless teams, you might consider pulling for him.

Otherwise, I’d steer clear if I were you. He’s not going to bring anything to your defence. I like how people go bananas for attacking characters.

Attack is already easy as it is. During the war, it’s even easier provided that you get the towers.

I don’t see the point of pulling for attacking characters. Unless you really want him.

In that case, I’d say wait for 2x chances.

Hope this helps you make up your mind!


Im waiting on Dante, my offense is fine maybe a rez will help on defense.

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A lot closer than i thought , thanks for everyones input .

Ironically it was solved for me as tapjoy has screwed me again and not give me the coins


Stashes sound more up your alley. I have the same thought as well

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define “enough”

Doesnt matter now, but was a 40 pull ,but as per normal tapjoy refused to pay out so having to deal with their customer support to try gt what is owed me

I liked Smash 4 better.