Bruce or Sandy?

Hi, free to play here. I was wondering who would you pick if you didn’t have a recap or disarm? I’m leaning towards Bruce, thanks!!


Decapitate is amazing, and you should try on getting Ty from depot. But disarm is game changing and so difficult to obtain elsewhere.

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If you don’t have a disarm take Bruce. Disarm is a gamechanger. I pulled Louis on scopes dime and I can’t tell you how nice it is not to be stunned, impaired or have ab def or ap down kick in every time I attack a toon. The faster and more frequent your rushes go off the easier the battle.

On the other hand without a decap sometimes it is hard to keep the revive chain from happening. So there is always that to consider if you don’t have a decap.

In conclusion It is much easier to get a hold decap as compared to a disarm so take that into consideration as you deliberate on whom to choose.

Now all I need is a 6-star f2pish ranged version of Kate w/ that focus to all and I’m g2g. Do it scopes. End the stupid and boring time out meta.


What he said

Bruce, he will be a game changer for you. Decap - great but disarm is your foundation.


I think you ment Louis the telltale one

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Yep, and I always do that. I used to confuse Ty and Dwight’s name all the time too. Oops.

Thanks. I fixed it. :+1:

No problem I do the same thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I have 3 decaps and that Bruce, but I would still take the Decap.

Its simple, if you do not have any disarm till now then get bruce. He will allow you to take on shield def.

Otherwise sandy, kinda perma killed thanks to decap

Both are great what team you run and who have you can factor into you choice both fit these are attack team toons either is a good pick u cant go wrong

No question, Bruce hands down, you can luck into a decap. They know how game changing disarm is lol. I would t be surprised if this wasn’t the actual reason why they took coins away from leagues

Bruce, recently single pulled Louis and Sandy from singles and its has changed my offense to more ranged. If Bruce is anything like Louis with crit chance mod and a crit weapon ill be going back to melee on attack.

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What ill say for sandy is you can boost her attack over 3k with her active she one shoots alot of toons but of course she needs focus and disarm toons to truly shine in some situations

Depends on what teams you run and maybe mods you have.

If lacking resistance mods to combat against teams that are full of stun guns and/or impair, Bruce will help pave a gap for your team to follow and wreck.

If you have a lot of gold resistance mods and facing teams with stun/impair guns isn’t an issue, Sandy would be a nice choice since she is a powerhouse that also decaps.

It’s a tough call between the two.

If i had the chance, I’d go for sandy. The decap with her multiattack with a beefed up 200% double attack weapon makes her a nice choice with dealing with some human shields depending on the setup.

Bruce is ok but also my least favorite out of all disarmers. Disarming is nice when it triggers but i have enough resistance mods to get by the stun and impair. He works nicely with a stun weapon because of multi attack.

i am wondering how many try splash dmg over keeping double tap on sandy? splash decap could be fun but idk if it applies that way with her

You can always find ways to keep revive from happening so I would go with Bruce. Sandy is badass thou I would be torn too.

If double attack and decap ty can work so can splash damage and decap sandy. It’s in the description that if the decap lands the final blow then that toon is decap.

true, maybe what i shoulda said was, would the splash dmg itself be good enough(attk power wise) to be a useful mod to weapon compared to double tap? at the same time splash can be an ar charger if not powerful enough or done correct

Who should I take if I already have Sandy and Louis. Bruce ? (I don’t have an AP + attack melee leader)