Bruce or Earl Sutton for Diego Attack Team

I’m a mostly F2P/small spender newer player on a pretty newer region, only a couple of S class Petes in the region, etc… I play a ton (too much) and have done pretty well, so I have a decenttt amount of toons (that luckily synergize pretty well) gathered since I started in March. But that means I don’t have a lot of “free” toons that came out before that, and have very few premium toons other than war pulls and other various stuff.

I’m currently running this 9++ squad:
Diego (stun weapon)
Green Cutthroat Shiva (no upgrades on wep yet, keep resetting for better)
Violet (stun weapon)
Viktor (stun weapon)
Decap Tyreese (crit, but working on impair weapon)
*I have been experimenting with some other toons that I have, but that’s not the main point here.

This team has done pretty decently for me (imho), sitting at 16k reputation and #21 in the region (I also don’t have a Defense team really at all, no other decent leads).

More importantly, it’s fairly rare that I run into teams that I struggle to defeat. Some ppl see my team and call it crap, but IMHO it has a good amount of control and damage and stuff. On turn 2 I have available Shiva stun, Viktor focus, Tyreese 2x impair (only if necessary). Turn 3 then has Diego focus all or AR which impairs all 5 enemies, Viktor AR impairs a line, and Shiva confuses 2. Add in weapon stuns and it can keep many teams totally locked down.

BUT, there’s a few teams that do really give me a hard time unless I get lucky with stuns. It’s usually non-Pete Red teams (Pete rarely an issue other than time) with 5x annoying defensive weapons and a Raven. Something like: Donny, Raven, Mia, Zachary, Jesus. Or maybe switch 1-2 of those out for Negan(s), other variations like that but yea.

I have never used a disarm toon before, but I think that a good disarm toon would be what I really need to add into my squad. I’ve used Blue Michonne in Draft Arenas and she’s a badass… but I don’t have her lol. I did just buy the Blue disarm Earl Sutton at the end of this season. And then right after I pulled Green disarm Bruce.

So, either one would work with my Diego, and both seem attractive for different reasons.

Earl Sutton I would equip with a double attack weapon to go with his triple attack AR. That seems like a pretty much guaranteed Crit. His Active seems like it would be a nice straight upgrade from Shiva, in that it’s the same but also continues generating AP. I think Shiva would be the most likely toon to be replaced for the Disarm toon (or maybe Tyreese, who really is only there for decap, buttttt Decap is also pretty useful against some teams). It’s also nice that it’s on turn 2. * Basically *, Earl seems like he will get A LOT of disarms, between his AR and Double attack gun. . His base stats are also pretty friken great, much higher than Bruce’s.

OTOH, Bruce seems like he would do all the other stuff better, and basically does more, besides just disarming. After he rushes, he has a pretty damn good chance to get crit disarms after that even with a stun weapon (assuming I’d use a stun weapon). BUT his weapon wouldn’t need AP on it, since with a 58 AP AR he will rush turn 3 regardless, whereas Earl needs to use +40 to rush turn 3 (AND not use his Active, as I calculate it only gives 23 AP, short of the 28 he’d to rush). That means he can have ATK and CRIT on his weapon. Maybe evens out the chance of getting a crit disarm a bit. And then his rush also buffs attack to someone else on my super high power attack team, does a little bit more damage, and the crit to teammate doesnt hurt either even if not that useful. His Active is not quite as good, but still useful too. Though, if he rushes Turn 3, he’s not gonna be using this til Turn 4, which aint great.

So… in summary, the pros for each:

  • Maybe a few more crit disarms overall b/c of double attack weapon
  • AR does a bit more damage on average when accounting for double attack weapon (will average 4.05 attacks per AR) very likely to get at least 1 crit for disarm
  • Turn 2 Stun active better for control
  • Higher base stats (+21 atk, +145 def, +498 hp) - so a bit harder to kill
  • AR probably wont trigger payback (Negan)
  • Blue trait, good for countering Reds, which is my main problem (esp since my team is majority Green)


  • Weapon doesn’t need AP, so +30 extra crit - will increase overall & AR damage a bit, as well as even out the crit % by not having double attack
  • Weapon will have stun
  • 2 attacks after AR will pretty likely be crit disarms
  • Attack and crit boost to self and teammate from AR; - 50% attack will synergize with my heavy attack team very well
  • Active -20 AP to 2 enemies still has valuable, though it isn’t that great

Soooooo, in the end, I have no idea which one I should go with first. I’ll probably experiment some with both eventually (unless I get lucky somehow with disarm Michonne). BUT, which would you guys go with first? It takes a while to get a new toon level and then geared all the way up, after all. I don’t have a stable of tons of 410 weapons in every configuration, so doing this is gonna take time. Thus, I’d rather start with the “better” one.



I have both, and recommend Bruce. Earl is really good for walkers, but for attacking, Bruce and his disarm will serve you better, in my opinion.


Bruce all the way, even if he doesnt have that great stats he is a lot more useful than earl.
Said that will be nice if you maxed both of them and use against different teams

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Decap ty work on a ap weapon for him not impair.


Id put in both and get rid of Tyreese.

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interesting, hadn’t even thought of that tbh.

Bruce with crit stun stick all the way


Awesome guys. Sounds like pretty much everyone agrees. Appreciate all the input!

And in case anyone might have any other general tips, I’ve honestly gotten a little bit flooded with new toons lately, still trying to figure out what to do.

So here’s a list of other green/blue toons I have: revive Hershel (have been experimenting subbing him for Shiva already), Cole, Wyatt, main Negan (lol), New Threat crit lead Dwight, SC Julie (but t1 still, not really Jones’ing to burn all those comics leveling her…), another Viktor, Collateral Damage Alpha, Sergio, and Denise.

I’m very happy the goal of this thread seems to be pretty conclusively met, but if anyone has any big improvements or ideas, I love suggestions :slight_smile:

Either bruce or earl, and id sub for violet

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New threat Dwight with a double attack weapon would be awesome behind Diego as well. Especially with Bruce there to disarm first. I would trade out Tyreese for Dwight any day.

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First, thanks for the suggestions! Struggling a bit trying to figure this one out. Essentially, I guess I’m not sure if there is a value add that outweighs the decap ability of Tyreese?

I’m guessing you like it b/c of the attack buff to teammates? That does seem intriguing, buuut… The main thing Tyreese has done for me, is if I can manage to get an AR off, he can VERY easily decapitate 2 red toons in a row.

I know the effects make or break it, but just looking at the damage math, for my own edification…

So basically, it seems like about half of the time his AR is going to the same damage as Tyreese’s AR, except only to 1 target instead of 2. The other half of the time, he will do substantially more than Tyreese’s single target damage, but again, only to 1 target. I guess that to me doesn’t sound very attractive, just knowing how often I can get that decapitate-double-kill with Tyreese (or, shoot past a shield toon to decapitate the toon behind it).

OTOH, I feel like veryyy often, if the first target I kill is NOT decapitated, he gets immediately resurrected by Mia or something, and worse, usually pops up with full AP to bust an AR in my face immediately (such as against Mia+Zach teams, if I kill Zach first, he comes back, roasts my whole team, and that’s pretty much it at that point).

But then, the attack buff… 50% to 3 teammates, THAT does seem very very nice. Not sure about the utility of removing positive statuses… Hard to picture when that would be a big deal, maybe Jessie Anderson buffs? But idk, those kinda teams are never really an issue.

Soooo, long story short, I can definitely see the value in the attack buff, but I also get tremendous utility from decapitate. I know I’ve read some people around here say a decapitate is almost mandatory to have on ur attack team. Do you disagree with that? Or is that thinking from an older meta?

I know ppl bag on both of these toons a lot, but it’s what I have, so hey.

Appreciate your thoughts!

Who is publishing your book?

Also been considering this one a little bit more. I’ve honestly never used the starting wave AP weapons. I do see that the 20% AP ability would allow Tyreese to rush at Turn 3 instead of Turn 4… Having never used it, it’s hard to assess the value, but a one time advantage like that doesn’t seeeeem better than getting some 3 turn impairs here and there?

I’m guessing the goal is to end the entire fight ASAP with that… It would line up with Diego’s AR too, if nothing goes awry…

But against the tough red teams, in raids I can get up very close to the timer pretty often, even on wins…

Appreciate the suggestion. I’ll definitely have to make one of those weapons for Tyreese and I’m guessing there’s other applicable toons it’d work for once I replace him…

do you want to? I’ve got some nice spreadsheets too.

Given the substantial time and real money to take a toon from t1 lvl 1 to a fully tiered t4, 10 Lilliths, and the perfect weapon that suits them, it makes a lot of sense to me to try to figure things out beforehand.

I do try to wrap up most of my ramblings with a TL;DR ish summary.

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My line is reefabuser send me all your spreadsheets bro

If Dwight kills someone with his first hit then he moves onto the next target, therefore he can and does very often kill two toons in one rush.

If you let him rush after Diego drops defence then hes gonna do crazy damage. With a double attack weapon he can easily kill two toons from full health. His bonus attack is also applied to himself during that rush so each attack will consequently gain power during that rush.

I used him on my main attack team for a long time and still use him on my ranged team today.

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Ah I wouldn’t have thought that it applies to his own attacks. I actually have him pretty close to max, other than AR, was planning on just using him as a zombie killer, but sounds like I’ll have to see what he can do. Cheers, thanks for the suggestions!

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What I like about Bruce above other disarms is the guaranteed CC offered by his active. AP down can’t be resisted and is not reliant on RNG, as michonne’s weapon is. Put a stun weapon on him and he is one of the best disarms imo (and I have most of them). Although I tend to use Harper or michonne, depending on the attack team I am using, Bruce is certainly useful. He just doesn’t fit the particular attack teams I use.

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I don’t have Bruce surprisingly enough… personally it depends on what you want in a character.

Earl has a higher chance to disarm due to 3 attacks on his rush, each capable of a follow up through the use of double attack (we’ve gotten two for free). Earl also has more total stats and is likely to survive longer if he takes hits. He also has a better active skill (opinion)

Bruce deals more flat damage without relying on special weapon procs. Bruce could stun as well as disarm if lucky enough although it would negate the need for disarm.

Personally I think earl is the stronger candidate in my opinion.

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