Bruce: ideal weapon

Was wondering what people were thinking the best weapon setup for Bruce is?

I’m currently trying to add huge boost to Ar on this oar but was wondering if ild be better off putting stun on something like Ezekiel’s sword or a Lucile. Let me know what you think.

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My plan is heavy crit all over for attack. If i plan to use him on defence I’ll go for something with a base 30 crit to begin with and aim for 35 huge stun

Right now I’m using a basic as shit lucille with slayer 2 as I’m out of tapes

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The Oar by The OP would be best for Defense with 5% more defense. Otherwise he wont make it out of the first round, making him useless. He is an offensive toon, imo. Anything but Crit with heavy defense on a raid defense will render him dead

Agreed. He hasn’t caused me any issues when I’ve come across teams using him on defence.
I’m 90% positive he will remain an attack only toon for me