Bruce and Harper!

Anyone pulled for war wheel Bruce and now ready to pull for Harper. Show me those op toons.

Pulled three Bruce from last war wheel. But no Harper and won’t spend to pull for her. Though the choice box with Amber and 3200 all collectables is still quite tempting.

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Already have both but out of coins and 100 cake short of either collection lol. Would like them to be milestones again.

Still 100 off

Pulled on the Bruce wheel :slight_smile:


Dale is a great toon! I’d love to have him!


Yep I was very happy! Unexpected

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Dale is great pull if dont have him. But I had him ages ago. But congratz.

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2x 10



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I got Harper for free a month ago from the basketball’s or birthday cakes, or maybe it was horse shoes

Using my leftover pathway coins i made 3*10 pulls, got one ascendable 5star Rosita.
i have 730 cakes now and no toons to redeem them with :laughing:
Wrong bucket i guess :man_shrugging:

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