Bruce Allen Cooper

Could we f2p players have him in futurs wheels/stashs/objectifs?

So does Green Gabriel


I hope you want him just cause you like collecting toons cause you are asking for an outdated trash toon. Just saying

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The green one? He can be good in a good team, a good update of Yellow Kal (f2p too)

Not everyone running full S class squad you know

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I do know that cause I’m not. I also got BAC from the war wheel that was just up. You are asking for a toon that was just on the last war wheel. And I’m just trying to tell you hes not gonna help you much because hes not even a good toon.

I know he’s available in war wheel but only here?
He should be more common (since he’s trash and outdated) but 1) it’s not easy at all to get war tokens (All I had was Jeremiah) 2) the wheel is about to end so AFTER I wish we could get him more easily, would be a good update to a lot of people, no matter what you think.

Use him in my Diego team to neutralize and confuse. Still viable for me.

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A thread with people calling Bruce “trash” WTF is wrong with those people


I have him.amd he never sees action on any team hes just not that good of a toon is all I’m saying especially with the roster reset of S Class he will be even less effective

Meh beg to differ I still run green shiva just depends on your setup

I got him from the free war wheel… and you theoretically can get Gabriel if you do the weekly quests 28 times I believe… because scopely…

i got him as 5* and not ascend him

I’d just stuck your own Opinions
For some reason ppl feel obligated to force ppl to like toons they only like
Like bruh
My Abe was wrecking ppl back in the Early to mid /late stages of 6* on a atk team
Put ppl called him trash and shit
And now it’s evolved too as of recent
If you choose this toon you lack game knowledge
I agree doe Bruce Is goodif you set him up right he can keep the buff constant and he does have ap down on his rush making him handy

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Please don’t put either in we need more up to date toons on wheels

Im f2p and i have 3 of him

I avoid obtaining strong and fast toons because almost all the teams run Christa and James, one shotting maxed ones left n right. Christa with proper lead and mods so brutal at tier 1. Bruce wont survive the first coupla turns

BAC is an amazing toon and of course everyone can just say s class this and s class that but BAC is awesome, he has 58ap rush which if you have a huge bonus to attacking lead, thats all he needs to rush turn 3 or turn 2 with a command. He is neutralize which is good, has a confuse active skill allowing for more control and his rush buffs the team with attack and defense and drains ap which cant be blocked by mods or skills, he is a great controlling support toon and can hold a stun weapon.

Am i saying he is better than an s class or someone like dr stevens? Come on now people but he is far from useless


All he needs is someone like a Harper
If you obvs have. Harper then we’ll bac Harper combo can be gamve over pretty quick
Just don’t use againt pay back or bide

Well you can have the 2 I dont use. If you keep asking for outdated toons Scopely will keep giving them too you and you will fall further behind the top players

Un about 3 weeks scopes will add a new arena: nostalgia day. Remember when you could do something with a 6* toon? The Bac will get a use.

True when Old school becomes 6* only lol

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