Bruce Allen cooper wheel

No collection for Bruce Allen Cooper but yet he had red velvet cakes in his wheel? For real?


So dumb especially because last war wheel gave me like 3 of him but ofc f2p wont get a collection…

Ohhhh soooo sad :cry:

Typical bs

Duh, they gave out too many :joy::joy::joy:. Not they take away the collections.

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The toon that almost everyoby has is the one witouth colection, seems that scopely love to piss us smfh


Hoping they pop up when the gold bar maps reset

I believe they may have just missed adding the collection to museum. Any word on this? @GR.Scopely @TayTron

That is nice picture my fellow bucketman

I just got him on first try, I’m in shock, I hardly never got anything, I was willing to do at most 2 ten pulls in a few minutes (I’ve saved coins) but I started with just one (was going to make 2 at most too so 22 in max) and got him directly, 6* version, is that not 0,2%?

It’s crazy because he’s the only one I wanted in this wheel

By the way I don’t spend so I don’t know my bucket but when something awesome happen (I know he’s “kinda” outdated but I’m full green and really wanted him) you have to tell!!

I never thought the “one pull premier” legend would happen to me (I don’t try much though)

I don’t have him and we place 6-7 every war. Rng shouldn’t be a factor here. Make all of the wheel have a similar turn in.

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No one’s pulling for him so in “bucket terms” your odds was better than normal since he was still “available” due to the bucket not being depleted by whales pulling for him.


You must be right mate but I’m okay with that, it cost me 250gc that’s wonderful :smiley:

There is a collection well there is for me

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