Bruce Allen Cooper promo? Is this a joke?

So you are going to have Bruce Allen Cooper as a promo, who not only is mediocre at best, but was also in last war wheel? And on top of that, you just aren’t going to have a collection for him now that people actually have cakes? I applied you, you are actually stupid



They aren’t stupid. This is completely intended and I fully believe they know what they’re doing.

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They will probably put up a collection for cakes and BAC but it will require more cakes then we have. These cakes will be included as tournament prizes but the collection will end before the rewards are recieved.

I just disagree with “mediocre at best”. Bruce is absolutely crazy and I love my melee team with 2 of him. Very very useful toon with solid stats and skills for both atk and def teams.

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With crista lol bac

The collection is up now

Because there is a collection on for him

You all need to chill about these wheels it’s for the ice creams and cakes lol


I think it is more the fact that they haven’t given enough red velvet cakes out

Its renewable content … he didnt sell so great last promo … he was on war rewards ~(BLAZING HOT) people were not interested in him …

by adding a collection that facilitates a quicker approach to obtaining items for S-Class toons it will indeed push certain people into spending for him … its their business ethics

and it works im afraid

Next up Vincent and Jeremiah looool


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