Bronze Radio Map Not Dropping Uncommon Gear


Good day. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended since the new update but when i opened the bronze radio roadmap to farm jackets and whatnot, i noticed that no uncommon gear was dropping. I repeated several times (consuming 80 energy so that’s 10 times) and still no uncommon gear drops.

So is this a bug or it’s a new system? Silver radio roadmap still drops rare gear.



Bump… last try.


Say it aint so


If you want drops of uncommon use world map I get like 8x sunglasses


Yes but these bronze radio stages used to drop bloody jackets, down vests, and hard hats worth more than glasses. It was a good way to get fast food to level up toons.


Ok 2 days no reply, will take it as working as intended. Goodbye bronze radios you were supposed to be the saving grace for gear points :pensive:


Bronze roadmap is removed as of this last refresh.