Bronze radio icon is missing

My bronze radio icon is missing with the new update. Other faction members are reporting the same. I emailed support but they “won’t discuss it other than in a forum setting.” I saw one post on here where their bronze radio icon is showing.

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It’s not missing when the bronze map comes back you will see the radios at the top. Works the same way for silvers. Check your inventory. They are still there.

Still missing

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Not missing on mine. I said what I said because during the beta people also said it went missing and the devs responce was if the map is not active then the item will not appear on the top right.

So yours is clearly a bug. Not a shocker with this game. Every update breaks things that used to work.

Is this still missing for you @deathwalker ?

Thank you!

So can I get update on them maps something new I can farm hilltop stages and get 3 helmets from 1 stage

I have a total of 340 bronze and silver radios last time I used 1 was maybe over 2 years a go

No, it’s not. It comes back when the road map resets everyday. Thanks.