Bronze Mods are a Waste of my time


Why am I getting 20 bronze mod boxes per fucking Onslaught?

On average we get like 2-3 bronze boxes per week.
And I don’t even Open them! because they are literally a WASTE!

Remove them from onslaught or put them back to the damn initial way where they
went straight into the Mod so I don’t have to feel insulted Opening up

HP stun defesne Bronze, Attack attack Bronze.


Seriously it’s bad enough Collecting Mods there is alot of Luck Involved.

Why don’t you just remove Bronze Boxes for Platinum or something.
Bronze mods are an insult.

Because they are a WASTE.

I opened up all the Best mods as Bronze in the past 2 onslaughts and I’m really


Bronze Mods= Free Scrap.


It’s a chance at a gold mod. Why complain.

There could literally be no drop…


I use bronze mods sometimes they good fillers on toons u don’t really use idk maybe that’s just me I ain’t gonna complain bout no free mod


Mods are all pre-determined.

Bronze mods = Basically a waste.

Unless the mod is a Waste anyways.

Bronze mods just removes the chance you will get a Worthwhile mod
in the end.

I just wanna have every mod perfect and Gold.
I’m an addict. What else

Doesn’t matter.

But I fucking hate being saturated with Bronze Mods that don’t even give me any choice.
At least if they went in the mail I could ignore them.


you can send it to the mail box or send it to the inventory like the first one.

I just don’t like the idea of collecting 20 bronze mods in a row.
It makes me wanna not bother playing lol.

I’d rather leave them and let them expire ahaha.

I really don’t like bronze mods they really are almost useless for me.


20 in a row and u still complaining? Shit man I’ll be lucky to get 5 mods this whole onslaught u should be thankful


attack set, attack mod
crit set , attack mod
def set, stun resistance
attack set, defense mod

All bronze mods…

I don’t loot bronze mods because i’d rather avoid getting a “GOOD” Mod
as a Bronze!!!

I’ve only ever had 2 stun resists ever so far. And now I get a bronze one.
Doesn’t really give me any advantage when everyone has gold mods.

They sold 4 gold boxes yesterday for 20$ Lol.

I just hate bronze mods ahahaha!


What did bronze mods ever do to you?


Lol just sell them for scraps


I’m sorry, what?


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